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Fish Bowl Marine Creations

The Newest of our Scrubber Series. The In-Scrubs Are uniquely designed to fit in and on any sump. We currently have 3 sizes to choose from.

At Fish Bowl Marine Creations (FBMC) we manufacture Custom Algae Scrubbers and Custom Filtration Systems. Our Scrubbers Range from a small unit A-Scrub 20 for up to a 125 gallon system, to our A-Scrub 60 unit for up to 400 gallon systems. Our B-Scrub series are for large home and commercial systems up to 1000 gallons +. All of our units use Red Led lights, setup perfectly to achieve maximum algae growth. All units come with easy to remove screens and the fittings are installed for the most convenient connection and use. We can also supply you with the proper pump and drain supplies at your request. We are a full acrylic shop and we also manufacture Custom Sumps, Auto Top Offs, Dosing Containers, etc. for any size system you need. 



-In-Scrub Series: 

 -In-Scrub 20 -up to 125 gallons - $199.00 Complete With Light and Bulkhead

 -In-Scrub 25 -up to 250 gallons - $250.00 Complete With Light and Bulkhead

 -In-Scrub 30 -up to 350 gallons - $325.00 Complete With Light and Bulkhead


-A-Scrub Series: 

 -A-Scrub 20 -up to 125 gallons - $220.00 or $270.00 with pump and plumbing

 -A-Scrub 40 -up to 250 gallons - $275.00 or $340.00 with pump and plumbing 

 -A-Scrub 60 -up to 350 gallons - $310.00 or $390.00 with pump and plumbing  


-B-Scrub Series:

 -500 gallons - $540.00

 -600 gallons - $590.00

 -700 gallons - $740.00

 -800 gallons - $790.00

 -900 gallons - $940.00

 -1000 gallons - $990.00

An algae scrubber is a water filtering device (not to be confused with a scrubber pad used to clean glass) which uses light to grow algae; in this process, undesirable chemicals are removed from the water. Algae scrubbers have allowed saltwater and freshwater aquarium and pond hobbyists the ability to operate their tanks the way that oceans and lakes operate: Using natural filtration in the form of primary production.

An algae scrubber filters water by moving water rapidly over a rough, highly illuminated surface, which causes algae to start growing in large amounts. As the algae grow, they consume nutrients such as nitrate, phosphate, nitrite, ammonia, ammonium and even metals such as copper from the water. These nutrients are normally a problem in aquariums and ponds because they cause nuisance algae to grow, and also because they cause sickness and/or other problems in aquarium fish, invertebrates and corals.[3] An algae scrubber allows algae to grow, but the algae grow inside the filter instead of in the aquarium or pond. This removes excess nutrients (scrubs the water), diminishing nuisance algae in the aquarium or pond . Nuisance algae in the aquarium or pond are not to be confused with the desired algae in the algae scrubber filter itself. The algae that grow in the algae scrubber can then be removed.

Algae scrubbers are used in both saltwater and freshwater, and remove nuisance algae of multiple types: cyano or slime, bubble, hair,Chaetomorpha, Caulerpa, and film algae, as well as dinoflagellates.

RFS-75 W/ In Sump Scrubber

Sump Tray - Holds Algae

Scrubber and

other accessories

In Sump A-Scrub 30. Can be used with Sump Tray